Terms & Conditions

The Hirer
The Hirer is the person making the booking with VW Deluxe Weddings subject to these terms and conditions. The Hirer will be required to sign a copy of these terms and conditions, confirming that they have read, understood and agree to them.

Bookings and Payments
A non-refundable deposit of £50 must be paid at the time of confirming the booking of our vehicle, The outstanding balance must be paid 28 days prior to the agreed hire date. If a booking is made with less than 28 days prior to the hire date, then the full hire price must be paid at the time of the booking being made. A £100 valet deposit is required to be paid with the outstanding balance, this will be refunded within 7 days of the hire date, if at the discretion of VW Deluxe Weddings, a valet is not required. All reservations will be confirmed in writing by VW Deluxe Weddings once the deposit has been received. VW Deluxe Weddings reserve the right to refuse any booking.

Cancellation by the Hirer
If the Hirer cancels a booking, the deposit of £50 will not be refunded. If the booking is cancelled more than 14 days prior to the agreed hire date, then a refund of the balance paid and valet deposit will be returned. If the booking is cancelled with 14 days or less prior to the agreed hire date, then VW Deluxe Weddings reserve the right to charge the full hire price and only the valet deposit will be refunded.

The Hire Vehicle
VW Deluxe Weddings regularly have their vehicle professionally maintained to ensure the best availability and reliability. However, due to its age, VW Deluxe Weddings cannot accept responsibility for any mechanical, electrical or material breakdown of their vehicle which impacts on the hire period. In the event of a breakdown or accident, which impacts on the hire period, a full refund including deposit will be made to the Hirer. Any onward travel of the vehicles passengers and further transportation that had been included within the hire period, will then become the responsibility of the Hirer. VW Deluxe Weddings will not be liable or accept responsibility for any further losses and/or missed connections howsoever caused. VW Deluxe Weddings are not liable and will not accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion or acts by other persons or organisations which may impact adversely on the hire period.

Seatbelts are fitted in our vehicle and must be worn. The Hirer is responsible for the provision of any child seat that is required and their compatibility with the seatbelts fitted to our vehicle. All passengers must remain seated whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Smoking is not permitted within our vehicle.

Vehicle Damage and Hirer/Passenger Conduct
The Hirer is fully responsible and liable for any damage caused to either the inside or the outside of our vehicle by themselves or any other member of their party. The Hirer will be liable for the total repair costs, at a repairers determined by VW Deluxe Weddings. In addition, the Hirer will reimburse VW Deluxe Weddings for the loss of any pre arranged bookings whilst our vehicle is out of commission. No food or drink will be consumed within the vehicle without prior consent of VW Deluxe Weddings. If our vehicle is misused through food, drink or illness, VW Deluxe Weddings will impose the £100.00 valet charge. VW Deluxe Weddings reserve the right to refuse entry to our vehicle by any person(s) we deem unfit for whatever reason, If the Hirer or any member of their party behave in a manner which may be unfavourable to any other person and/ or the vehicle and its contents then VW Deluxe Weddings reserve the right to refuse to continue with the hire. In this event, no refund will be made.

Personal Belongings
VW Deluxe Weddings will not accept any liability for any personal belongings lost by the Hirer or any of their party whilst using our vehicle. We will not accept responsibility for the storage or security of any items left unattended in our vehicle.

VW Deluxe Weddings may take photographs at your wedding which we may use on our web site or for other promotional purposes. If you do not wish your photographs to be used, please advise us at the time of booking.